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Effective, competitive

Web Design & Development

Specialising in Drupal, Laravel & React, we build high performing websites for start-ups & small business through to corporate & government agencies alike. If you need advice on e-commerce, architectural guidance or UX design, we're the perfect digital partner to bring your ideas to life.

UX Design & Digital Strategy

A user's experience on your site influences their perception of your products and your company - so UX is an important aspect to get right. Before designing up a storm we work hard to define the 'pitch' (how best to inspire and empathise with potential customers while drawing them down the conversion funnel). Pair this with our expert advice on online opportunities and technology and we'll help your company grow well into the future.

E-commerce Development

Communica creates fresh engaging e-commerce websites at competitive prices. We can help you with either a standard Shopify model or a tailored cart solution wrapped up in a payment package to suit your situation. Talk to us about; Monetisation Strategies, introducing a payment gateway, sharpening your Conversion Funnel, subscription billing, special shipping requirements, implementing Click & Collect, and much more...

Tailored Hosting & Maintenance

Communica's hosting & maintenance packages focus around 3 key offerings: 1. Future proofing site functionality and guarding against hacking through regular CMS updates. 2. Increasing stability and improving site response time with the right server tech; including but not limited to - a CDN (content delivery network) and multiple caching layers. 3. Creating peace of mind with tailored support contracts which evolve with the needs of a changing client.

Build Technologies

Drupal9 Logo


Drupal is a Content Management System which allows for easy administration of your site’s pages. Due to its adaptable architecture it is generally more suited to ambitious web projects where CMS’s like Wordpress have difficulty going.

We're big fans of Drupal and the Open Source community. You'll find us regularly speaking at Drupal meet-ups and lecturing at conventions.

If you're looking for a company that knows Drupal inside and out, you've come to the right place.

React Logo


ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed specifically for the creation of mobile apps and interactive elements.

We love it for its dynamic nature, eliminating repetitive screen loading and ability to cross compile to both iOS & Android - effectively cutting app development time in half.

If you’ve got a great idea for a progressive web app or want to create deep levels of engagement in your website we can help.

Laravel Logo


Laravel is an MVC framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. It’s perfect for building digital platforms which transform day to day business operations.

We regularly use Laravel to develop integration layers between accounting software, maps, email campaigns, CRMs or data of almost any kind.

If you’d like to automate processes, streamline sales or gain valuable insights between people and data - talk to us about our API Integrations.

Shopify logo


A heavy hitter in the e-commerce game, Shopify offers a world of plugins to support businesses big and small.

Communica can help with site design, strategy and the implementation of any plugins you need. And if you need something custom - we can help you out there too with a full complement of back end developers.

Wordpress logo


One of the worlds most popular Content Management Systems, Wordpress offers a huge library of templates and plugins for purchase.

If you don't require complex content management, but do require a fresh engaging website at a competitive price, speak to us about Wordpress.

squarespace logo


Squarespace is a simple, intuitive website builder which also offers blog and shopping cart facilities. We often find it's the best platform for start up businesses who need a quick fix to promote themselves online.

If you've got a business you'd like to bring to life online, the Communica team can support you with marketing strategies, website design, content writing, photography, and custom code..making your Squarespace build swift, painless and impactful.

Speak with an expert

All development work is underpinned by a specialised deployment system.

Version Control, Automated Testing and Continuous Integration, all work together to ensure we maintain a high standard of code and the ability to nimbly roll back any deployments if required.

Portfolio Items

Check out a few of our projects below involving: e-commerce, tailored websites and UX design.



Purely Pets

Responsive Website / Design / Mailchimp Integration


Responsive Website / Design / Mailchimp Integration

Kauri Springs Lodge

Responsive Website / Design / Automated Email

Responsive Website / Blog / Pre-populated Email Forms

Moa Trek

Geo-fencing / Content Testing

Natural Beds

Drupal Commerce / Shipping API Integration

Zagga - Marketplace lending & investment platform

Machine Learning, Credit Assessment Scoring, Broker Portal, Marketplace Lending

Natures Goodness

Design / Automated Nurturing Campaign / Personalised Voucher Generation

Fussy Cat

Design / Automated Nurturing Campaign / Personalised Voucher Generation

Pharmacy Today

LMS (Learning Management System) Integration / Salesforce Subscription Integration / DPS Payment Gateway / Cross Site Content Cloning

New Zealand Doctor

LMS (Learning Management System) Integration / Salesforce Subscription Integration / DPS Payment Gateway / Cross Site Content Cloning

First Light Travel

UX Design / Currency Converter / Faceted Search / Travel Widgets