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Zagga - Marketplace lending & investment platform

The Project

Working tirelessly, through the best part of a year, Communica acted as the main development partner for the Zagga marketplace startup.

We interpreted the initial concepts from the management team and marketing agency, defined them within a robust technology architecture and guided any additional tech partners in the overall process.

Key development points:

  • Develop a smooth, user friendly interface in which an investor can search for a loan and invest.
  • Develop the interface for customers and staff to interact with finPOWER Connect (the loan accounting system).
  • Create a Broker Portal to support the needs of resellers.
  • Abstract data for use in machine learning (to match investors with appropriate loans).
  • Integrate with several identity verification APIs for both New Zealand and Australia.
  • Underpin the project with bank level security.
  • Fulfil all requirements of the New Zealand FMA (Financial Markets Authority).
Machine Learning, Credit Assessment Scoring, Broker Portal, Marketplace Lending
The Client is a fully licensed marketplace lending platform which seamlessly matches sophisticated investors with credit worthy borrowers.

The brain child of Marcus Morrison, Edwin Morrison and Mark Kirkland, borrowers are provided with greater access to larger size loans not necessarily available through a traditional bank.

Investors on this platform can earn higher possible returns, while experiencing comfort in the knowledge that all loans are backed by real property.

Zagga's investment opportunities are fully transparent, risk assessed and scored so that investors can choose the right loans to match their investment goals.

Why zig when you can Zagga?