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Driven by creativity

Fueled by technology

All our development work is underpinned by a bespoke deployment system which minimises risk and ensures a high standard of code company wide.

Each time a developer deploys a new peice of code, our CI (Continuous Integration) layer picks up the build request and applies Communica’s coding standard tests checking for syntax errors, scalablity issues, deprecated functions and when available, unit and integration tests. Any code which doesn’t make the grade is promptly rejected.

With Git (Version Control) in place, any new functionality deployed to either the Staging or Live environments (not to the satisfaction of key stakeholders) can be quickly rolled back, creating an additional layer of safety in the overall process.

Technology Cards

YouTrack Logo



Akin to Jira, YouTrack is our project management software that allows us to plan features, assign tasks and accurately track development.

Integrated with Xero accounting, we can extract a project’s approved tasks & associated dev time ready for billing.

This method results in transparent and highly detailed invoices that clients love.

BugHerd Logo



An online commenting tool, BugHerd gives stakeholders a simple point & click method to document feedback on a project.

Each time a sticky note is added, the comment along with an automated screenshot and locative data is added to a kanban style task board.

As the task is fixed we redirect the customer to that page event for acceptance testing.

Gsuite Logo


G Suite

Google’s G Suite is where our project managers document; user journeys, milestones, create information architecture and scope estimates - but more importantly, its online nature allows us to foster transparent collaboration with key stakeholders.

Central to this are the: Docs, Sheets and Diagrams apps.

Sketch Logo



A design software developed specifically for digital products, Sketch allows us to create component driven interfaces which automatically scale, flow and update throughout the design in a click.

In complex designs where imagery can’t express the full user journey, its prototyping features allow us to create interactive shells where the client can gain an emmersive online experience before signing off.

Adobe Create Cloud


Adobe Create Cloud

The 3 applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud we use most often are:

Photoshop - Edit, composite, and create beautiful images, graphics, and art on desktop and iPad.

InDesign - Design and publish content driven layouts for print and digital.

Illustrator - Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.

Drupal Logo



Drupal is a Content Management System which allows for easy administration of your site’s pages. Due to its adaptable architecture it is generally more suited to ambitious web projects where CMS’s like Wordpress have difficulty going.

We're big fans of Drupal and the Open Source community. You'll find us regularly speaking at Drupal meet-ups and lecturing at conventions.

If you're looking for a company that knows Drupal inside and out, you've come to the right place.

React Logo



ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed specifically for the creation of mobile apps and interactive elements.

We love it for its dynamic nature, eliminating repetitive screen loading and ability to cross compile to both iOS & Android - effectively cutting app development time in half.

If you’ve got a great idea for a progressive web app or want to create deep levels of engagement in your website we can help.

GraphQL Logo



GraphQL is an open source query language for APIs which excels at returning complete and understandable data descriptions.

Unlike typical REST APIs, GraphQL APIs return all the data an app needs in a single request. A GraphQL query takes a fraction of the time compared a REST query and can remain quick even on slow mobile network connections.

Due to the control we gain over the data query, our apps using GraphQL are fast, stable and easier to evolve the over time.

JavaScript Logo


PHP / JavaScript

PHP is an general-purpose scripting language especially suited to server-side (back end) web development.

JavaScript is more of a client side (front end) scripting language used to create visual elements and animate them.

Although these are gross simplifications, both languages are a backbone of the web industry and as such our developers are like fish in water when it comes to coding in them.

Laravel Logo



Laravel is an MVC framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. It’s perfect for building digital platforms which transform day to day business operations.

We regularly use Laravel to develop integration layers between accounting software, maps, email campaigns, CRMs or data of almost any kind.

If you’d like to automate processes, streamline sales or gain valuable insights between people and data - talk to us about our API Integrations.

Git Logo



Git is an open source Version Control System which allows us to compare files, identify differences, and merge multiple developers work without breaking a sweat.

With Git in place, any new functionality deployed to either the Staging or Live environments (which isn’t to the satisfaction of key stakeholders) can be quickly rolled back, creating an additional layer of safety in the overall development process.

AWS Logo


Lagoon + AWS

We take advantage of Amazon’s extensive cloud hosting infrustructure through the managed hosting platform.

Our tailored hosting encompases;

• Nightly Backups (per site, not per server)
• A CDN (Content Delivery Network to reach your customers locally)
• Caching Layers (speed up your site with Varnish, Redis & Drupal)
• Version Control (tracking and rolling back deployments)
• Multi Environments (Dev, Stage & Live but also per feature)
• Scalability and Load Balancing (Providing stability for those moments of heavy load)
• Microservices (See Docker)

To learn more, read Communica’s blog post on

Docker Logo



Docker is a technology which allows us to take a website or application and break it into microservices. This approach allows us to protect the individual application layers from vulnerabilities across the stack.

For organisations who care about security, improving stability and generally managing risk this is an important factor towards choosing a professional hosting environment.

Cypress Logo



Cypress is an open source end to end testing software which allows us to automate integration, functional and regression testing.

Using Cypress we can build up a suite of tests to cover the most crucial functions within your digital platform.

Each time a new piece of functionality is deployed, Cypress can automatically test our code to ensure your critical functions remain intact.