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Our Services

We're a flexible, thinking team that is easy to talk to, competitive and thrives on complex projects. Here are our core business services:

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Responsive Web Design

Mobile technologies are changing the way we surf the web. With so many people using tablets and phones today and the statistics rising daily, a site needs to adapt its layout dependent on the browsing device or face losing sales.

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Communica creates fresh engaging e-commerce websites at competitive prices. Whether you have specialised shipping requirements, trouble converting sales, or want to expand on functionality we're the people who know.

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Application Development

We look to deliver well marketed, user friendly applications backed by robust coding practices. We can help you with web based applications, cross platform integration & mobile apps.

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Domains & Hosting Packages

We're serious about performance and accessibility so we've implemented Aegir, a specialised Drupal hosting environment which makes version updates and patching a breeze. If you've got a Drupal site - this is where you want to be. Otherwise tell us your needs, we'll tailor the domain and hosting package just for you.

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Drupal Development

Want to edit the website yourself? Drupal is a user friendly, open source platform that allows you to easily manage and publish your content. Maintained and developed by over 630,000+ users and developers worldwide, it remains our favourite cutting edge tool to get clients involved in their own site updates.

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Logo & Branding

Building a successful brand name requires consistency. Our design ethos is to create a logo that can keep its essence and its impact no matter the media its advertised on.

Like What You've Seen?

Talk to us, we'd love to hear about your project and how we can help!