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Laravel Web Development

Laravel is an MVC framework which means it provides the tool set necessary to expedite the development process and cut quickly to the heart of web application functionality. It’s a perfect choice for building digital platforms which can transform your day to day business operations.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free, open-source framework built on top of the ever popular server side language PHP. The purpose of this framework is provide the base scaffolding for the creation of web applications - expediting the development process while encouraging good coding standards.

Accompanied by a whole ecosystem of products, Laravel can also provide support in forming the front end of a project.

Speak with an expert

We regularly use Laravel to develop integration layers between accounting software, maps, email campaigns, CRMs or data of almost any kind.

If you’d like to automate processes, streamline sales or gain valuable insights between people and data - talk to us about Laravel.

Case Study

Laravel - All you need & nothing you don't

First Light Travel already had an excellent internal booking system - but it was just that - for internal use only. FLT stakeholders saw an opportunity to streamline the tour booking process by bringing 3rd party vendors and customers into the workflow.

By creating a web based application in Laravel, Communica could sync tour and customer data from First Light Travel's internal systems and expose it online to 3rd party vendors or the customer (in direct transaction cases).

This innovation could drastically reduce backwards and forwards communication and largely automate payment stages.

Laravel was a great fit for this use case because:

Feature rich content creation and editing would never be an important aspect. Once the booking workflow was set up, it would largely be left alone to do its job so we didn't require a full blown CMS.

However, the ability to login and manage bookings was critical. Thankfully, due to Laravel's full ecosystem of products we were able to plugin and configure Nova (Laravel's administration panel) making short work of creating an admin interface.

Lastly, the bulk of this project consisted of integrating systems - Windcave's secure payment gateway, Xero's accounting system and FLT's own internal booking system. Easing backend development like is Laravel's speciality - so an easy decision was made!