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The Project

With over 20 years of experience and a drive for innovation Arborlab felt the time was right to combine their in-depth knowledge with the latest in web based tech.

The outcome is a feature rich app & portal to support multiple industries in asset mapping and resource management.

Local government and enterprise businesses can now benefit from:

  • Greater control over the auditing process.
  • Pinpoint asset mapping.
  • Accurate resource reporting.
  • CRM and API integration
  • Actionable business intelligence driven by data analytics.


The product in two parts

1. A PWA (progressive web app) for use on site by both contractor & auditor.

With simple intuitive movements assets can be identified, gathered then maintained or audited. Auditors and contractors alike are kept to task with KPI targets and health & safety checks. New assets can be created on the fly and area boundaries defined. Hazards or requests for service are documented and automatically sent to key stake holders. Even in remote areas, offline data storage ensures auditing results are retained and app functionality remains uninterrupted.

2. An analytics web portal for layered client teams & contractors.

Through a Google Analytics style interface, the web portal delivers intuitive reporting which can be segmented, compared and drilled into for further insight. By setting contract benchmarks, problems with assets or human resources can be easily pinpointed and contracts adjusted accordingly. Where KPIs are failing, an early warning system will flag it for both the contractor and clients attention. The software helps automate fiscal responsibility on behalf of the contractor and encourages accurate cost projection for next years financial planning.

Auditing & Asset Management App / Analytics Portal
The Client

Arborlab is an independent arboricultural consultancy working alongside government and private enterprises to help manage their urban forestry and infrastructure development.

Established in 2002, Arborlab is one of the oldest Arboricultural Consultancy Companies in New Zealand, with our tree health specialists having over twenty years of experience in the industry. With a breadth of diversity, experience and independence they are well positioned to provide green space assessment, recommendations and professional advice.

Trusted by councils and leading businesses across New Zealand, Arborlab are redefining asset management for 2020 and invite you to become part of that change.