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Pharmacy Today

The Project

As a build, Pharmacy Today posed interesting architectural questions. While the site itself is a near clone of that of its sister publication New Zealand Doctor, the target demographic is not, and as such required different navigation links and login interactions with the e-learning platform.

To keep future development tasks cost effective, Communica opted to create a global base theme for The Health Media, with a Pharmacy Today brand theme overlaid. Git sub-modules where then integrated to handle the synchronisation between module and theme changes.

As a result, features can now be distributed to both sites simultaneously or individually as the business case requires.


Key development points

  • Distribute content to multiple websites, email campaigns or export for use in print.
  • Develop processes for deploying new features to single or multiple sites at the same time.
  • Sync Salesforce subscriber information with the website and various sub-systems. 
  • Enable Single Sign On between subscribers and Litmos LMS.
  • Create a commerce solution for selling subscriptions and classifieds.
  • Integrate Google Flexible Sampling as a paywall for non-subscribers.
  • Integrate Google Double Click as a vehicle for selling advertising space.
  • Update subscriber lists within Mail Chimp.
LMS (Learning Management System) Integration / Salesforce Subscription Integration / DPS Payment Gateway / Cross Site Content Cloning
The Client

If it affects pharmacy, its business, staff, patients or ethos, Pharmacy Today is interested.

The publication's team of experienced journalists provides up-to-date online news and education, via desktop, tablet and mobile, to the pharmacy team.

Every month, key news and clinical content is brought together in a print publication, providing what print has provided for decades - a relaxing, comprehensive read.

In between times, a weekly email newsletter alerts subscribers to the week's news events.

Similar to New Zealand Doctor, Pharmacy Today also has the world-class learning platform - ELearning - giving the subscriber access to their Clinical+Education articles to earn continuing professional development points.

The publication has seen success in national and international media awards, including the Canon Media Awards and the Trade and Business Publications International Awards.