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Natures Goodness

The Project

Natures Goodness wanted a website which would reflect their strong commitment to natural nutrition for dogs and showcase their products to potential customers.

They understood the virtues of engaging with their customers via Facebook and email and were keen to push that further.

Communica was able to re-incarnate this business ethos in a new Drupal 8 build for the Natures Goodness demographic.

This work included taking the current nurturing campaign (where automated emails reward customers with personalised vouchers) and white labeling it to cater to multiple brands and sign up lists.

Customers are rewarded with a voucher for signing up to the email club and then later encouraged to leave their pet's birthday details. The following birthday campaign is then able to reward customer's pets on an annual basis while keeping the subscription base motivated and engaged with the Fussy Cat brand.

For the design team, this site was a welcome focus on pure creativity and marketing and we loved the fact that Natures Goodness is a supporter of the Kiwis for Kiwi charity!


Key development points

  • Enhance visitor product engagement.
  • Attract new customers to engage with the brand via email and social media.
  • White label the existing voucher reward system for use with multiple brands.
  • Automatically publish Mail Chimp newsletters into the website via the News page.
Design / Automated Nurturing Campaign / Personalised Voucher Generation
The Client

Natures Goodness offers a grain free alternative to help maximise your dog’s energy levels in a way which is best suited to their digestion.

The holistic blend of natural ingredients in every Natures Goodness Grainfree product have been carefully selected to deliver the health, taste and nutrition that your dog needs to get the most out of life.