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Water Outlook

The Project

As creators of an enterprise level, cloud-based data management platform, Water Outlook understands the value in innovation and maintaining a strong web presence. With both design and build quality in mind, they asked Communica to help with the redevelopment of their site.

For our marketing team, it was not only important to modernise the visuals, but also to ensure the offering was delivered in a meaningful way.

After studying the demographics, we drew up information architecture which responded to the industries Water Outlook work most frequently in, and the problems their clients face at an enterprise level. This resulted in 2 new menu sections being created: Data Points and Solutions; (offering a clear overview of how their product works and situations it thrives in).

Visuals wise, we chose to team the content with simplified illustrations and large organic shapes on borderless white backgrounds. This produced an open, welcoming presence while maintaining a corporate feel through the use of a restricted colour palette. And by varying the size and colours of 2 contemporary fonts, Water Outlook could convey their messaging in an easily digestible format - an important aspect when you have technical ideas to explain.

The site was implemented using Drupal CMS for its content categorising abilities, and the javascript page editor Gutenberg - to create a smooth visual interface for future client editing. 

Brand & website refresh for innovative tech company
The Client

Branching out from an innovative beginning in New Zealand's water data industry, Water Outlook has grown into a global platform. They now provide cloud based data monitoring across a wide range of industries including: heavy industry, food processing, general industry, military, federal government departments, state and local government alike.

At the heart, they attribute much of their success to creating a platform which offers the highest level of data integrity, combined with third-party audit grade data independence.