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He Ako Hiringa

The Project

Sadly, not all New Zealanders currently receive equitable access to funded medicines. He Ako Hiringa is a service which helps bridge the knowledge gap and empowers health professionals to effect change. Merging education and statistics, this project was about pulling government and private resources together in a seamless and meaningful way.

To connect with the various personas who would be active on this platform, we worked hard to design a clean and inclusive interface, which presented the information in an accessible way, across all devices.

The most challenging aspect of the build, both in terms of design, user experience and architecture, was the creation of the on-boarding process. This needed to be a smooth, seamless transition for both subscribers within The Health Media ecosystem (encompassing their various publications and e-learning products) and non-subscribers within the wider health industry. 

By querying The Health Media's existing subscriber database, we were able to facilitate an instant signup process, allowing users to sign up for He Ako Hiringa using their existing account from another The Health Media service. This technique is referred to as Single Sign On/In (SSO/SSI), where secure tokens are passed between sites, authenticating the user as they navigate between products.

For those in the wider Health Professional industry (not subscribed under The Health Media umbrella), we were still able to ease the sign up process by querying government databases such as the; Medical, Pharmacist, Nursing and HPI registries which could pre-populate user data.

Needless to say, any info provided within the He Ako Hiringa environment needed to be carefully managed. Both in terms of privacy and avoiding pollution of existing data (where a user already had an account for another service). Maintaining this tricky balance touched on all aspects of the build, and required deep collaboration with the client and strong project management skills.

To talk about good data architecture and integrating single sign on within your own digital platforms, get in touch today. 

Custom on-boarding process with Single Sign On and deep API integration
The Client

The Health Media is the proud publisher of New Zealand Doctor | Rata Aotearoa and Pharmacy Today | Kaitiaki  Rongoā O Te Wā, the Healthcare Handbook, Everybody Patient Information Sheets and The Roster Te Rārangi.

They also provide accredited ELearning services for primary healthcare professionals, and host the annual New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora

They work independently, to connect their readers with each other and with the businesses and organisations who wish to communicate with them. As a result of their commitment, their products have been the leading providers of health sector news, opinion and education in New Zealand for well over two decades.