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Breaking the locks on NZ investment lending

The Project

Zagga is challenging the traditional Managed Fund industry, through an innovative software platform which places investors firmly in the control seat.

Users registering on the platform can pick and choose between secured loans - scrutinising various details but most importantly: term, yield & loan to value ratio. Finding the right deal, they can invest any amount over $1000 and monitor their portfolio as it begins to bear fruit.

Now, Zagga is breaking the mould once again; providing a new opportunity where investors can re-sell their loan commitment (or part of it) at any time.

Creating a secondary market for secured loans is a New Zealand first and presented a unique set of challenges.


As Zagga's technical arm, Communica supplied the product development skills necessary to:

  • Extend the current user interface. Our design needed to be seamless, easy to use, but also educate investors about the new secondary market opportunity.
  • Redevelop the underlying architecture in a way that was secure, robust and open to further enhancements.
  • Satisfy the rigour of the New Zealand FMA (Financial Markets Authority).


To fulfil the brief, Communica executed the following platform improvements:

  • Secondary market loans were visually delineated from standard loans throughout the platform.
  • New loan states were added and search was updated to match.
  • A new different investment process was introduced wherever secondary market loans were in play.
  • The commitment ownership was updated so movement between investors could be tracked.
  • The dashboard was extended to allow investors to accept, cancel, and otherwise monitor a secondary market investment.


Its empowering to work on products which break the institutional standards for the better, and Communica relished the opportunity to use the latest technology to solve complex human-centred problems. Thank you Zagga!

If you have a project which requires equal parts; creativity, business acumen and development excellence, please get in touch today. 

Secondary Market Investing through groundbreaking software development
The Client is a fully licensed marketplace lending platform which seamlessly matches investors with credit worthy borrowers.

The brain child of Marcus Morrison, Edwin Morrison and Mark Kirkland, borrowers are provided with greater access to larger size loans not necessarily available through a traditional bank.

Investors on this platform can earn higher possible returns, while experiencing comfort in the knowledge that all loans are backed by real property.

Zagga's investment opportunities are fully transparent, risk assessed and scored so that investors can choose the right loans to match their investment goals.

Why zig when you can Zagga?