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The Project

Youthtown needed two things out of a new website: 1. impactful design that would wow potential parents, and 2. content structure that would make finding information a snap.

Offering both regular and one-off programmes across 30+ locations throughout Aotearoa, our UI challenge lay in guiding customers through their search.

Responding to both parent and management feedback, we found customers needed to see:

  • Duplicate programme information at regional, suburb and site level.
  • Programmes both open for booking and scheduled as an upcoming event.
  • Home pages for each site - so location and contact information could be easily identified. (this was troublesome where programmes weren't conducted at a specific location)

We distilled all Youthtown's location and programme data down into a tight hierarchy of content. By exposing the right amount of information at the right page level we could clarify the intent for each page and make it easier to find the relevant information.

Equally important, we needed to create an administrative backend which would streamline content management process by:

  • Allowing admins to build their own unique pages, change colours, backgrounds and generally edit text.
  • Amend staff, location or programme details and have these amendments publish globally throughout the site.
  • Distribute news items to select regional, suburb and site levels (critically important for responses to Covid19 lockdown levels)
  • Easily create, categorise and publish upcoming and bookable programmes on select regional, suburb and site levels.
  • Dynamically create pages primed for localised search in Google (leading to approximately 39% increase in organic traffic over 3 month period). 

Built with Drupal CMS and using the Gutenberg editor, the site balances playful design with flexibility and structure - allowing administrators to add complex elements to programmes, while keeping the look and feel consistent and mobile friendly.

Drupal design refresh with flexible multi location architecture
The Client

Youthtown are a nationally operated non-profit organization, providing programmes and learning opportunities for children and young people 5-18 years old. They create fun, safe, inclusive spaces and places that acknowledge the ever-evolving world that children and young people are journeying through.