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Mairangi Arts Centre

The Project

The Mairangi Arts Centre asked Communica to develop a class management and booking system for their vibrant community arts venue. As they provide classes and one off events for children and adults, the system needed to be friendly to use, and with the ability for parents/caregivers to book on behalf of a student, and enrol multiple children.

Their needs included discounted prices for subscription members, and the administration of enrolments, and transferring students between classes, with refunds/charges for different costs, and access at the counter, for dealing with in-person enquiries. 
All-in-all there wasn’t one package that fulfilled all the requirements, so we looked to extend an existing open source distribution based on Drupal. 

  • Extend the open source learning management system (Opigno) to fit Mairangi Arts' business processes.
  • Develop an online class booking system on top of the LMS.
  • Automate membership subscriptions.
  • Migrate the historic database to the new subscription system.
  • Sync the Mairangi Arts database and interest groups with Mail Chimp.
  • Integrate online credit card and account to account payments with DPS/Windcave. 

We wrapped this all in a mobile-friendly design for students and parents to access on the go, from home, and while they’re at the centre, or waiting to pickup children. 

LMS (Learning Management System) / Class & Event Management / Subscription Management / DPS Payment Gateway
The Client

Mairangi Arts Centre is a vibrant, community based visual arts education facility and exhibition venue. Our mission is to educate and foster growth in the creative arts by providing access to and participation in the arts for all.