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The Better Half Wines

The Project

The Better Half Wines are delicious fruit-driven wines from Marlborough, New Zealand. Aimed at an international market, it was important the redesign of their website felt easy to navigate and understand.

Communica worked with the client to design a clean & minimal site to complement their fresh branding and product label design. 

  • Plenty of negative space to let the brand breathe
  • Sparing use of high quality images, shot for the project to underpin the brand story of the client’s love of vintage aviation
  • Clear and simple content for an international audience

We rebuilt the site on Wordpress CMS, with the Divi page editor allowing us to implement flexible page layouts, that work equally well on mobile devices as larger screens. 

Not all sites need to be complex, and stripping a design back to just what is needed is always a good feeling - but when you do, everything needs to be just so! 

The client agrees with us that we’ve hit the brief for this one. 

Wordpress site redesign with Divi page editor
The Client

What do you name your wine brand when your wife is a well-known New Zealand winemaker with a successful label of her own? To George Elworthy, the answer was obvious. He gave a smirk and chose the tongue-in-cheek name ‘The Better Half’.