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The Project

A highly polished brochure site that encapsulates Satsumas' punchy new branding. This site needed to be fully mobile responsive as well as act as a conduit for staff created case studies, white papers and blogs.

The new Satsumas design originally came to Communica as an unfinished concept for the frontpage only. From there we worked closely with the client and adapted it to suit the design's intended digital medium, making it flexible and mobile friendly. From there, the design was extended to encompass futher pages, such as Events, Blog etc.

The website features pre-populated webforms to help enhance user-experience when signing up for events. Care was also placed into ensuring content management flexibility, meaning the client is able to easily choose between templates to tailor pages as they choose.

Responsive Website / Blog / Pre-populated Email Forms
The Client

Australian based BI solutions company, Satsumas is known for excelling in problems where complex data is involved.