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Moa Trek

The Project

Moa Trek has a deep understanding of tourism and their clients, and achieve great success rates by tailoring their tourism products to the individual needs of their major markets (UK, America & Canada, Australia and NZ).

To help their conversion rates climb even further, Moa Trek wanted their website to only show tours based on the viewer’s country, therefore cutting down unnecessary content to be viewed.

So how to solve this? By running 5 separate sites? No - that would be a content editing nightmare and potentially quintuple costs.

To solve this problem, Communica was able to keep the singular website by geo-fencing the tours, departure dates and specials to each of their respective markets (sounds more simple than it was ;). Now Moa Trek only has to edit one tour at a time, which can be used across multiple markets at the tick of a box.

As a second phase, Communica built geo-fence testing and reporting into the UI to ensure stability for the client. This gives Moa Trek peace of mind as they can instantly check all tours, dates and specials showing under each country, and makes content admin a breeze.

Geo-fencing / Content Testing
The Client

Moa Trek showcases the best of New Zealand to discerning travellers through tailored small group tours.

Started in 1971, Moa Trek's adventurous spirit coupled with a personal touch have kept them at the forefront of New Zealand tourism.